Day 304- Craig, 17, Comar nan Allt

Craig is a part-time community Gaelic teacher. Tha Craig na tidseir Gàidhlig pàirt-ùine. Which young Scot inspires you? Cò an neach òg a tha do dheachdadh? The young Scots who inspire me are my friends, because they push me to work harder. Na càraidean agam o’ chionn ‘s gu bheil iad dha mo phutadh gus... Continue Reading →

Day 303- Jess, 18, An t-Àrd-Ruigh

Jess is in RCS-BMUS trad fiddle 1st year. Working as an after-school teaching assistant in a gaidhlig primary school, teach fiddle and volunteer at a local church kids club and churches in Northern Ireland. 1d bliadhna RCS-BMUS fidheall traidiseanta. Tha mi ag obair mar co-chuidiche-teagaisg ann am bun-sgoil às dèidh àm na sgoile agus mi... Continue Reading →

Day 300- Craig, 22, Bo’ness

Employed full-time at a global Accountancy firm. Also training for my Chartered Accountancy (CA) qualification. Which young Scot inspires you? Young Scots that inspire and motivate me to do well would have to be my friends; it is really pleasing to see them doing well in the lives they live and this inspires me to... Continue Reading →

Day 298- Eilidh, 18, Àrdruigh

Eilidh is studying Primary School Education with Gaelic (Fluent) and has a part time job at tesco. Tha Eilidh ag ionnsachadh gu a bhidh na tidsear le Gàidhlig sa bhun-sgoil agus tha obrach pàirt-ùine aice ann an Tesco. Which young Scot inspires you? Cò an neach òg a tha do dheachdadh? The young Scots who... Continue Reading →

Day 297- Aidan, 15, Elgin

I am in 4th year at Elgin Academy. I am studying Drama, Geography, Maths, English, Business and Biology. I started volunteering with Elgin Youth Cafe in 2015 and from this I have connected with the voluntary work on local themed days for BID Elgin and also for the Childrens Cancer charity "Logans Fund". Which young... Continue Reading →

Day 296- Lauren, 24, Livingston

Lauren has created Fodilicious, an innovative food business to help people who suffer from IBS and food intolerances like me. I have also been selected as a finalist for the YS Awards 2018. Which young Scot inspires you? TI believe all young people are inspiring. However, Sir Tom Hunter is a favourite role model who... Continue Reading →

Day 295- Megan, 25, Edinburgh

Megan is currently working for Standard Life, and is very active, playing and coaching netball in Edinburgh. Megan is originally from England but moved to Edinburgh for work in 2015. Which young Scot inspires you? I have recently partnered with the charity career ready through my work. This is where I meet young people who... Continue Reading →

Day 294- Yu-Lei, 12, Edinburgh

Yu-Lei is at school and a member of the Cyber Resilience Steering group. Which young Scot inspires you? The person that inspires me is Barroughes Potani and he is part of the Cyber Resilience Steering group. He is always so helpful and he is really knowledgeable in IT and digital subjects and supports me loads... Continue Reading →

Day 293- Emily, 18, Comar nan Allt

Emily studies medicine at the University of Glasgow and teaches piano to young children. Tha Emily na Oileanach aig Oilthigh Ghlaschu is i ag ionnsachadh eòlas-leighis. Which young Scot inspires you? Cò an neach òg a tha do dheachdadh? My teachers inspire me because they pushed me to work hard and achieve my goals through... Continue Reading →

Day 291- Arianna-Marie, 15, Eyemouth

Arianna is at school but dedicates a huge amount of time to volunteering and fundraising in her local community. She has been recognised for her efforts after being selected as a YS Awards finalist. Which young Scot inspires you? My friend has a heart condition and volunteers with me. She does so much and helps... Continue Reading →

Day 290- Holly, 20, Edinburgh

Holly works for Sketchers, is a member of Daydream Believers, a group encouraging young people to get involved in creative careers. Daydream Believers are also finalists in this year's Young Scot Awards! Which young Scot inspires you? My friends inspire me because they are going through the same struggles as me during our studies but... Continue Reading →

Day 289- Cameron, 20, Edinburgh

Cameron is a health scientist at the University of Edinburgh, is an entrepeneur, ultra marathon runner and an adventurer! Which young Scot inspires you? My entrepreneurial friends around the country, making waves at the highest level in the media, oil and gas, and property. At such a young age for them to show such drive, passion... Continue Reading →

Day 288- Emily, 16, Irvine

I'm a Year of Young People Ambassadors in North Ayrshire. I was elected chair of our YoYP Strategic Group, which is a group in which we discuss what North Ayrshire's young people want to happen in Year of Young People with councillors and elected members of NAC. I'm part of the North Ayrshire Youth Council... Continue Reading →

Day 287- Jessica, 24, Edinburgh

I currently work at Scottish Student Sport, the organisation which advocates, develops and provides sporting opportunities for students in Scotland. I am the Competitions Coordinator and organise the logisitics for our 300+ events programme across 33 sports. Which young Scot inspires you? I am constantly inspired by the athlete, Laura Muir, as she has managed... Continue Reading →

Day 284- Nicole, 22, Glasgow

I am studying my degree in social work but work part time as a support worker for adults and children with learning disabilities. Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scots who inspire me are the children I support. They face hardships in their daily lives but do not let that get in their way... Continue Reading →

Day 283- Chloe, 17, Glasgow

I am in 6th Year at Bannerman High School studying Higher RE, Higher Business Management and national 5 Maths. Outside of school I am very active within my community. I volunteer for Active East, Girls Judo Rocks and Brighter Balliestone and work for PEEK. Through Active East I volunteer at many events in my local... Continue Reading →

Day 282- Niamh, 22, Linlithgow

Niamh is currently doing a paid internship at Whitespace in Edinburgh, is a member of Daydream Believers, a group encouraging young people to get involved in creative careers. Daydream Believers are also finalists in this year's Young Scot Awards! Which young Scot inspires you? The creator of the She Is Fierce magazine, Hannah, inspires me.... Continue Reading →

Day 281- Liam, 21, Burntisland

I work at The Ecology Centre and I’m in my 2nd month of my 15 month apprenticeship. It couldn’t be going any better! Which young Scot inspires you? Jay Thomson – Musician/Prison Outreach Worker- Jay has done a lot in 5 years to change his life for the best. He went from being homeless, eating... Continue Reading →

Day 280- Megan, 19, Falkirk

Megan is a member of the National Youth Arts Advisory Group, Communic18 and Housing a Homelessness Commission for LGBTYS. Which young Scot inspires you? Colin Bradie- Programme Manager- Creative Scotland, He is so committed to his work but really values the young people he works with. He isn't afraid to challenge the cultural norms but... Continue Reading →

Day 279- Catherine, 18, Glasgow

I am studying at Glasgow Caledonian University doing Social Sciences. I am also an MSYP for Glasgow Southside, a YC in GYC and a YOYP 2018 Ambassador! Which young Scot inspires you? All young Scots inspire me as through my SYP, YOYP and GYC work I see on a daily basis that young people are... Continue Reading →

Day 277- Toni, 21, Glasgow

My name is Toni and I am 21 years old i am from Glasgow. I have a 2 year old son and I am a young inspection volunteer at the care inspectorate and I am the current First Ministers' Mentee. Which young Scot inspires you? All the young people  in Scotland are so inspiring in... Continue Reading →

Day 276- Ella, 24, Edinburgh

Ella is a Chemical Engineer and loves the outdoors. She is a keen netballer and sailing and has coached netball to young Scots since moving to Edinburgh 2 years ago. Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scots that I coached netball to really inspired me. Every week they came to training with excitement and... Continue Reading →

Day 275- Joshua, 23, Glasgow

I volunteer for SSF, coaching basketball. I have just finished my first contract for Carnival Cruise as youth staff. Which young Scot inspires you? There are a few people who inspire me but the real person that motivates me and inspires me is myself because everyone is the same but for those who would really... Continue Reading →

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