Day 333- Chloe, 17, Dundee

I work on my national 4 English at my school which is Monifieth High School. I am in 5th year at school. I write stories and novels with things with Dundee in it and lots of characters. Which young Scot inspires you? The person that really inspires me is Dundee's current Lord Provost. He meets... Continue Reading →

Day 332- Alexia, 21, Edinburgh

I am in my 4th year (8th semester) at college for the major of pharmacist. I started this career because of my love of cosmetics, especially skin care related items. Skin is the biggest organ of the human body and one must take care of it. Skin conditions can affect an individual’s self-esteem, especially while... Continue Reading →

Day 331- Isla, 22, Edinburgh

I work full-time for a local government organisation, LGiU Scotland, which provides a subscription and membership service to local authorities primarily, but also to third sector organisations and trade unions. As well as this I volunteer as a Guide leader every Wednesday, and I campaign for the local Labour party on a semi-regular basis. I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 330- Nicola, 17, Kilmacolm

Nicola is in 6th year of school and is employed part-time in a takeaway restaurant. Nicola also volunteers for the Corseford Scouts with children from the Capability school in Johnstone. Which young Scot inspires you? My sister inspires me for always being by my side no matter what. She is smart, funny and caring and... Continue Reading →

Day 329- Anna, 22, Inverness

I am an assistant youth worker, a part time MSc Psychology student and a scout leader in my spare time (voluntary). Which young Scot inspires you? Tudoe Westwood, Scottish Youth Commissioner (in Scouting) because he's been a full time student, working and chairing the National Youth Advisory Group for Scouts Scotland. The amount of work... Continue Reading →

Day 328- Caitlin, 18, Paisley

  Which young Scot inspires you? My brother inspires me because of how brave he is after being in hospital for so long due to complications that resulted in him having surgery. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? We have a lot of freedom and a voice to speak up in... Continue Reading →

Day 326- Holly, 16, Kilmacolm

Holly is at school taking highers in maths, english, history, chemistry and design. She helps out at Coresford Scout, which is Scouts for people with severe disabilities and she also coaches hockey at school. Which young Scot inspires you? Andy Murray and William Marshall are huge inspirations as they have achieved so much and had... Continue Reading →

Day 325- Shannon, 18, Cumbernauld

I have just studying English and Spanish at Stirling University. I am in 1st year and I am a finalist in the YS Awards 2018. Which young Scot inspires you? The young scots that have really inspired me recently are all the other young scot awards nominees. Reading about them all once the nominees were... Continue Reading →

Day 324- Katie, 14, Glasgow

I am in 4th year at Smithycroft studying Maths, English, Admin, P.E, Biology, History and Heath and Food Tech. I volunteer with Active East, YoMo and PEEK. I started volunteering in July 2017 with active east as a active champ I am now a ready steady leader. My first placement was St Paul's mermaids every... Continue Reading →

Day 323- Amy, 20, Wemyss Bay

Amy studies journalism at Strathclyde uni and volunteers with her local hospice and has helped numerous children's charities in Inverclyde. Amy is one of this year's finalists for the YS Awards. Which young Scot inspires you? I am inspired by all of the young people that I have worked with at Friends4Ever club, despite their... Continue Reading →

Day 322- Eva, 9, Glasgow

  Which young Scot inspires you? My big sister inspires me because she is always drawing and doodling. I think that she is amazing at drawing and I always wish I was her. She is always kind and does not shout too much at me. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland?... Continue Reading →

Day 321- Gemma, 24, Wick

Studying BA Business working in New Look Night Club and Assistant Youth Worker. Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scot who inspires me is my sister, who followed her dream and started her own local business with limited funds. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? The best thing about growing... Continue Reading →

Day 319- Demi, 12, Macduff

Demi is in S1 and recently took part in the Baby Box Design workshop with Young Scot, Children in Scotland and Scottish Government. Which young Scot inspires you? My mum inspires me because she is so hard working. All my friends in Scotland inspire me because of how amazing they are. A band called Vansleep... Continue Reading →

Day 318- Nathan, 16, Paisley

Nathan is studying at Castlehead High School and works at a small local café. He volunteers at the Renfrewshire Youth Commission who have been selected as a finalist for the YS Awards 2018. Which young Scot inspires you? My friend Jade works extremely hard with work and volunteering while also being a carer for her... Continue Reading →

Day 317- Lauren, 19, Dumfries

Currently, I am working as a part time Youth Support Worker and Champions Board Support Worker with Dumfries and Galloway Council. I have also been the recipient of the Global Citizen Curtis Scholarship which enabled me to volunteer in both South Africa and New York learning about advocacy as a method to end world poverty.... Continue Reading →

Day 316- Eilidh, 22, Black Isle

Eilidh is a product designer for Trtl, and owns her own social enterprise Pro Aesthetic Design, creating designer castings for prosthetic arms. For the work she has done in this space, Eilidh was selected as one of the YWCA 30 Under 30 in 2017 and has been selected as a finalist for this year's Young... Continue Reading →

Day 315- Emily, 15, Barrhead

Emily is in S4 and studies Maths, English, French, Art, Chemistry, Physics, PE, History and Graph Comm. She volunteers as a swimming teacher and at holiday clubs. Which young Scot inspires you? My mum and dad inspire me because they have brought me up and cared for me in an amazing way. What is the... Continue Reading →

Day 314- Shelley, 18, Alness

Studying health and social care in college and work in a leisure centre and I am an assistant youth worker. Which young Scot inspires you? Alan- a youth worker I know. I aspire to be as hard working and determined as him. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? Free education and... Continue Reading →

Day 312- Hannah, 15, Chirnside

I'm currently in 4th year at BHS and I am studying a range of different subjects at Nat 5 level, I volunteer with 1st Chirnside Rainbows and Love getting involved in different events that are happening within my community. Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scots who inspire me is My Grandpa Bill, 2015... Continue Reading →

Day 311- Fraser, 24, Cromarty

Work for High Life Highland as an assistant youth worker. Which young Scot inspires you? John Loughton as he is an inspirational person because of his drive and determination. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? The beautiful sceneries, living in a small community that are all so friendly and caring. What... Continue Reading →

Day 310- Leanne, 23, Edinburgh

Leanne designed Scotland's original Baby Box when she was still a student. Leanne now lives and works in London. Which young Scot inspires you? My little sister is such an inspiring person, as well as all my friends, for numerous reasons. All the mentorship and support I have received from other designers has also really... Continue Reading →

Day 309- Wing, 20, Aberdeen

I am Wing, I am a final year law student at the University of Aberdeen. I have been a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament since I was 15 in 2013. I used to represent Edinburgh Central but since moving for university, I now represent Aberdeen Central. I used to work for my family business... Continue Reading →

Day 308- Kirstin, 16, Edinburgh

Kirstin is in 6th year of school and recently participated in the Baby Box design workshop at Young Scot. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? I like growing up in Scotland because I am near my family and I appreciate the many opportunities that are available to young people. What would... Continue Reading →

Day 307- Rowan, 18, Oban

Rowan is currently studying HNC Social Sciences at Edinburgh College. Which young Scot inspires you? The 5Rights Youth Leadership Group inspire me because of their dedication to our work and how much they care about what we are doing and will take so much time to spread the word about 5Rights. What is the best... Continue Reading →

Day 305- Ethan, 19, Govan

Ethan is one of the 2018 Young Scot Awards Finalists, in the Enhancing Education category. Which young Scot inspires you? The person that inspires me is “Calvin Harris” as he started off at working at Safeway to save up money to buy DJ decks and now he’s the highest paid DJ in the world and... Continue Reading →

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