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There are lots of ways for you to get involved with My Story 365. Follow the hashtag #MyStory365 on Twitter and Instagram, like and share stories, or get in touch and tell us your story! If you would like to find out more about My Story 365, get in touch with us by contacting

If you are aged 8-25, and currently live in Scotland, you can also tell us your story by sending us a video of yourself answering the My Story questions below;


1. Which young Scot inspires you, and what makes them so inspiring?

2. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland and why is it so important to you?

3. What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people and why?

4. What is your biggest achievement to date and what made it such a big achievement?

5. What would you most like to achieve in the future and why would it mean so much to you?

6. What advice or message would you want to give to other young people in Scotland and why is it important to you?


Send us your completed film along with your name, age and town/city, to to share your story!

Alternatively, you can complete the form online or download and complete the form below, then send your completed story along with a picture of yourself for your blog, to 

Downloads: My Story Form

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