Day 365- Jordan, 23, Bonnybridge

Jordan Daly is our final My Story 365 for Year of Young People 2018, and has had an incredible year! At the age of 12, Jordan was driven to considering suicide by bullies. At 19 years old, Jordan co-founded the TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) Campaign, which has led to Scotland making LGBTI+ education a... Continue Reading →

Day 363- Mollie, 15, Alness

I’m Mollie, I’m 15 and I live in beautiful small town called Alness in the Highlands. I’m in 5th year at Alness academy and I’m currently studying Higher English, French, Physics, History and Chemistry. I have a passion for helping others, which is why I want to dedicate my life to teaching, a job where... Continue Reading →

Day 361- Kirstie, 23, Glasgow

I’m a graduate from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Sociology with Quantitative methods who’s currently undertaking a Masters degree in Social Research at the University of Sheffield. I work as a freelance consultant for the Scottish Human Rights Commission and have ambitions to peruse more research based work in the future particularly... Continue Reading →

Day 360- Rhys, 19, Lochgelly

Second year Adult Nursing student and University of Dundee and the winner of the Young Scot Excellence in Education Award 2018. Which young Scot inspires you? I am inspired by last year’s Young Scot of the Year, Chelsea Cameron. She has used her voice to empower young people and stand up for change. Chelsea has... Continue Reading →

Day 359- Paul, 25, Glasgow

I work at Finding Your Feet Amputee Charity where we help amputees with both their physical and emotional well-being. I am also going to schools to talk about my experiences as an amputee, alcohol awareness, railway safety, depression and self-esteem. Paul also was one of the winners of the Young Scot Awards, winning the Young... Continue Reading →

Day 358- John, 15, Glasgow

When I was 13 I founded a charity which provides grants and specialist equipment to children in the East End of Glasgow who have a disability. Proud YoYP ambassador. Mental health youth Commissioner. Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scot that inspires me is each and every single one of them. We all have... Continue Reading →

Day 357- Katie, 15, Uddingston

I'm currently at school 4 days per week, studying maths, English, French, business, modern studies and biology. I go to college 1 day a week to study childcare! I have a part time job in a tanning salon which I love. Which young Scot inspires you? Rachael McCully is a Young Scot who inspires me.... Continue Reading →

Day 356- Chris, 24, Edinburgh

Born to Ukrainian parents in London, I now reside in Scotland after graduating from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in German & Linguistics in 2017 - and I plan to stick around. I work in social care and moonlight as a photographer every now and then. I'm big on my activism and campaigning,... Continue Reading →

Day 354- Martha, 11, Glasgow

I am a member of Communic18 Culture Group and I have been in involved in lots of co-design for events during the year of young people 2018 as well as helping decide what projects received funding. Which young Scot inspires you? I think it would have to be Lewis MacDougall. He has achieved so much... Continue Reading →

Day 353- Catriona, 13, Stirling

I'm an S2 at McLaren High School, Callander, where I'm involved in many clubs, campaigns and committees. I also volunteer with Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park in their youth committee and Junior Rangers programme. Which young Scot inspires you? The Young Scot which inspires me is Mhairi Black, who became the youngest MP... Continue Reading →

Day 352- Jonathan, 15, Lerwick

I go to the Anderson High School in Lerwick, Shetland. I am in S4. I am a YoYP2018 ambassador and helped to organise and run The BIG Takeover in September along with other ambassadors. Which young Scot inspires you? The Young Scots who inspire me are all the YoYP ambassadors across Scotland. This year has... Continue Reading →

Day 351- Anja, 21, Thurso

I am currently working as a Youth Worker but this would not have been possible if it had not been for my volunteering experience with Scouts Scotland and my experience as a YOYP ambassador which helped me to cross paths with my employer. Which young Scot inspires you? The Young People of Scotland are who... Continue Reading →

Day 350- Hannah, 20, Ayr

I’m studying journalism at the university of the West of Scotland. In my third year now (yup just as scary as you would think). I love Journalism, it allows us to give a voice to those who don’t think they do. It means we can keep those in power in check & and make the... Continue Reading →

Day 349- Steven, 13, Callander

I'm in S2 in a high school. I do some volunteering like being in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Youth Committee and Callander Youth Project. Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scot who inspires me is my huge amount of friends. In my friend group, we all have different hobbies which pull... Continue Reading →

Day 347- Liam, 18, Dundee

I am a law student at Dundee University, currently in my 2nd year. Along my studies can be time consuming, I find to get away from them somewhat with my role on the Dundee University Law Society committee as Social Secretary – this incorporates my studies with some extracurricular fun blending my studious side with... Continue Reading →

Day 346- Honor, 16, Glasgow

I am in my 5th year of high school and am working towards my exams in May. This year is really tough and is a lot of work but I’m really enjoying the challenge and seeing how much I can push myself. I am studying Maths, English, Art, Engineering and Graphics at Higher level, and... Continue Reading →

Day 345- Jamie, 25, Paisley

Jamie is currently doing a traineeship in youth services. Which young Scot inspires you? The young person who inspires me is my younger brother because despite the tough circumstances he currently faces, he keeps trying his best. This inspires me to push onwards in spite of what difficulties I might face. What is the best... Continue Reading →

Day 343- Taylor, 11, Galashiels

  Which young Scot inspires you? Sanna Aziz inspires me because she is very involved in things that happen in Scotland! What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? One of the things I enjoy about living in Scotland is the education as it has helped my knowledge grow. What would you most... Continue Reading →

Day 342- Faith, 16, East Kilbride

Faith is in S6 and is a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament and South Lanarkshire Youth Council. Which young Scot inspires you? Rachael Tidmore as she doesn't let her disability stop her from reaching her potential. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? We have great leisure activities for young people... Continue Reading →

Day 340- Pauline, 17, Stirling

Pauline studies international politics, french, and spanish at Stirling Univeristy. She works in a coffee shop and does volunteering with Young Scot. Which young Scot inspires you? I am inspired by many young Scots in my course and by how they are engaged in Politics or other things that are important for them. I have... Continue Reading →

Day 339- Evie, 21, Edinburgh

Evie is on a training programme, and does voluntary work. Which young Scot inspires you? I am inspired by Malala Yousafzai because by the age of just 21 she has already changed thousands of lives for the better. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? I feel very safe here because where... Continue Reading →

Day 337- Saoirse, 11, Edinburgh

I am homeschooled. I study mycology, art, science, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, and design. I am a freelancer. If I was in "normal" school, I would be in P7. Which young Scot inspires you? The Young Scots Who Inspire Me Are My Friend Nicki, Me, Myself, And I. My friend Nicki once didn't speak at... Continue Reading →

Day 336- Callum, 18, Edinburgh

  Which young Scot inspires you? Chris Hoy reached the top level and maintains his level. He is always hard working. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? I enjoy the Scottish culture, friendly attitude, education system and lots of opportunities. What would you most like people from older generations to know... Continue Reading →

Day 335- Victoria, 23, Aberdeen

I am a Graduate Mechanical Engineer for Nexen, which is an Oil and Gas company. I am based in the Aberdeen office, which focuses on supporting our North Sea installations called Buzzard, Scott and Golden Eagle. I am also a STEM Ambassador and I am passionate about encouraging more females in to STEM subjects. Which... Continue Reading →

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