What is My Story 365…?

Scotland’s young people are extraordinary, and we want to tell the world!

For Year of Young People 2018, young people in Scotland told us how important it is to have their voices heard and to be able to express themselves. In recognition of the importance of this co-designed core objective for the year, Young Scot is delighted to present My Story 365, a platform sharing the amazing stories of young people across Scotland for every day of Year of Young People 2018.

My Story 365 supported Scotland’s young people by providing them with a platform where they can talk about their journeys, aspirations and inspirations, to remove negative attitudes and stigma towards young people in Scotland, all whilst showcasing the diversity of thought and experience in young people across Scotland.

To find out more about Year of Young People 2018, visit http://www.yoyp2018.scot.

To find out more about Young Scot, visit http://www.young.scot.

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