Day 324- Katie, 14, Glasgow

I am in 4th year at Smithycroft studying Maths, English, Admin, P.E, Biology, History and Heath and Food Tech. I volunteer with Active East, YoMo and PEEK. I started volunteering in July 2017 with active east as a active champ I am now a ready steady leader. My first placement was St Paul’s mermaids every Monday for one hour which i still help out at every week and helping out at events like fun days, European championships and lots more. me and a group of young people also organised an event from scratch! I got involved with Yomo in October 2017 as a health champ attending meetings every second week on health topics, this year we have been delivering sessions to other young people and made a fixers film about body image. I also help out at events like go live. Yomo have trained me in lots of different categories including peer Ed training, risk taking behaviour training, first aid and community budgeting. This year i started volunteering at a swimming for kids with learning difficulties every Wednesday. I started volunteering at PEEK over the summer helping with the summer programme and have helped out at 2 National play days now I volunteer at a street play every week and also help out when possible.


Which young Scot inspires you?
My little cousin Logan inspires me as he has Neuronal migration disorder this means he is unable to walk or talk but he always has a massive smile on his face. I want to work as a teacher in a school for kids with learning difficulties as Logan’s attitude towards everything is so positive even though he can’t do daily tasks himself he still tries his best at everything.

What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland?
The best thing about growing up in Scotland is all of the amazing opportunities that are available to young people. I enjoy that there is always a something to do in my local community. This is important to me because I am always kept busy and get to meet lots of new people.

What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people?
I would like the older generations to know that not all young people are the same and not all young people are getting into trouble. This is important to me because the older generation always think young people are up to no good.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
My biggest achievement so far would be completing my bronze eDofe as it was one of the hardest things I have done so far. Me and my group kept wanting to give up but we all encouraged each other and pushed our self. When I seen the teachers at the last checkpoint I was so happy and am going on to do silver this year.

What would you most like to achieve in the future?
In the future I would love to go to university and become a teacher in a school for kids with additional needs. I hope to learn more makaton as it would be a great thing to learn and help me in my career.

What message would you like to give to other young people in Scotland?
Advice that I would give to another young person in Scotland is that it’s okay to ask for help if needed and if an opportunity pops up you should definitely go for it as only more doors can open up.

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