Day 133 – Evie, 14, Castle Douglas

Evie is in S3, soon to be S4. She goes to Castle Douglas High School and volunteers at the CatStrand in New Galloway. Evie wants to be Literary Agent or a Writer when she grows up.




Which young Scot inspires you?
The young Scot who inspires me is no one. I don’t have to be inspired by anyone to do what I want, I just have to believe in myself and what I can and will do. I am inspiring to myself, and I surprise myself more and more as I carry on with my life.

What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland?
The best thing about growing up in Scotland is the haggis and landscape of the country. The haggis is good because well, it’s haggis! The countryside of Scotland is awesome too, the rugged mountains are beautiful, especially when they’re covered with snow.

What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people?
I would like older generations to stop criticising young people. Please don’t pick on us! Keep your eyes open; try to understand them! It’s hard being a teenager, figuring out who you are and who you want to be.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
My biggest achievement to this date is moving school, keeping friends and making new awesome ones too! On the first day, I was soooo scared and nervous because I hardly knew anyone and I thought everyone would hate me! But, everybody was really nice and kind and I made friends on the FIRST day, and I’m STILL friends with them today. I am also now more confident in myself.

What would you most like to achieve in the future?
I would like to write a book that speaks to people personally and makes them think hard about how people all have problems, and no ones perfect! I want people to say “Wow! I’m really inspired by Evie, so now I’m going to go and do what I want, maybe write a book like her, or do what one of the characters has done to make their life better”.

What message would you like to give to other young people in Scotland?
My message/advice to other young people is PLEASE do not give up! Live your life to the max, and that doesn’t mean partying hard or having a boy/girlfriend , it means that YOU do what YOU want to do and enjoy it immensely! Don’t pretend to hate everyone too because anger can fuel you (I know) but don’t let it get to you (it’s hard) but please don’t.

If Evie’s story has inspired you, why not share it on social media using the hashtag #MyStory365 or visit the ‘Get Involved’ section to share your own story!

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