Day 85- Phoebe, 16, Macduff

Phoebe volunteers at her local British Red Cross shop and loves it because she gets to become a bigger part of the community and meet all the people in it. She studies French, Spanish, English, Maths and Music at Higher level.


Which young Scot inspires you?
The Young Scot who inspires me is my co-volunteer, Jake. He’s always on time for work, gets everything done and done to the highest standard. Although I’ve worked at the shop longer he still manages to teach me new things. I aspire to work more like him.

What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland?
The best thing about growing up in Scotland is the fact that we get free education. There are times where the people in my school and I, occasionally, take it for granted because we don’t know what it’s like for other children. I feel really privileged to have grown up in such a great country.

What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people?
The thing I would like the older generations to know about young people is that, just like when you were young, we are getting judged because we are not like you. Times change and so do tradition, like your parents generations are completely different to your generation. If you want to understand then don’t be afraid to ask.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
I am most proud of having volunteered in a shop for over a year now. When I first walked into the shop, I had no idea what I was signing myself up for, but I am so glad I did. It was all about taking that first real push and get out there. I managed to learn so much from my experience.

What would you most like to achieve in the future?
I would most like to achieve happiness. Not like I’m unhappy now, no. But more as in, if I am in a place where I am happy and loving life then I think I would’ve achieved something there, even if it’s making other happy.

What message would you like to give to other young people in Scotland?
If I could tell other young people one thing, I would say, GET OUT THERE! Really live your life and don’t be afraid of what others think of you. Sign up for that canoeing club you weren’t too sure about or even go speak to that person who sits across from you in class. Don’t waste your time scrolling through Facebook or trying to get that perfect photo….LIVE!

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