Day 42- Rachel, 18, Airdrie

Rachel, 18, from Airdrie is employed part-time, working in a local restaurant. She also volunteers at her local youth forum in her spare time! Rachel is a Year of Young People 2018 Ambassador, spreading the word about the year in her local area.



Which young Scot inspires you?
The young Scot who inspires me are all the young people who go out there way to help other people, I think it is amazing how they think of other people more than themselves and want to make a difference.

What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland?
I love growing up in Scotland because the people and culture we have are amazing. From the irn-bru to the talent of every person out there to the kilts and bag pipes just makes me feel special to be Scottish.

What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people?
I want older generations to know that not every young person are the neds they think we are. We aren’t always out to drink or take drugs and cause havoc, most of us just want to make a difference in the world and show everyone what talents we have.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
My biggest achievement to date is being able to talk in front of a big crowd and that is down to joining my local youth forum because without this group I wouldn’t be the confident individual I am today and that is my biggest achievement.

What would you most like to achieve in the future?
The one thing I want to achieve in the future is to go through college and university and achieve my dream job of becoming a forensic scientist as this has been a dream of mine since I was younger and I am hoping it happens.

What message would you like to give to other young people in Scotland?
The one thing I would tell other young people is don’t give up on your dreams no matter how many people tell you to because if it means the world to you then you can achieve it. It may take a day to many years but you will get there.

If Rachel’s story has inspired you, why not share it on social media using the hashtag #MyStory365 or visit the ‘Get Involved’ section to share your own story!

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