Day 201- Yurisat, 15, Glasgow

Yurisat volunteered previously for reading Hack animal agents 2017 and has taken part in the EY Foundation Smart Futures programme this summer. Which young Scot inspires you? Callum McGregor inspires me because he went to the same school as me and because of the school he went to everyone said he wouldn't go far in... Continue Reading →

Day 200- Abbiegayle, 14, Saltcoats

Which young Scot inspires you? My friend Kathryn helps at her farm and juggles hockey, school and farm-work. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? The best things about growing up in Scotland are the people and the education system. What would you most like people from older generations to know about... Continue Reading →

Day 199- Iona, 20, Huntly

I am a folksinger from the small town of Huntly, in the North East. I am in my third year of study Traditional Music at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and completed a Fellowship of London College of Music in Traditional Scottish Voice. I volunteer as National Director of the Traditional Music and Song Association... Continue Reading →

Day 198- Orla, 13, Edinburgh

Orla is at school, in S2. Which young Scot inspires you? My mum inspires me because when she has cancer she stayed strong and never gave up she Always tried to do her average amount of steps everyday even when she had a sore leg or a sore anything and that is why my mum... Continue Reading →

Day 197- Caitlin, 18, Brora

I currently in the final months of studying HNC Sound Production at North Highland College, UHI before hopefully going to study at the University of Stirling in September. I work as a waitress in the Royal Marine Hotel in Brora part time and have done for the last couple of years. I'm on the Executive... Continue Reading →

Day 196- David, 18, Saltcoats

David has completed a lot of DoE work from 3rd year and having achieved the awards has done a lot of volunteering. David works as a Modern Apprentice with North Ayrshire. Which young Scot inspires you? My colleague Ian because he is sound and funny. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland?... Continue Reading →

Day 195- Ryan, 12, Aberdeen

Ryan volunteers my time away from school to supporting disabled people enjoying social inclusion. I begin secondary school after the summer. Which young Scot inspires you? My mentor, David Forbes, inspires me to do all I can for my local community and to do the best I can to help others, just as he does.... Continue Reading →

Day 194- Kalina, 24, Aberdeen

Kalina works for an engineering consultancy called Goodson Associates and tries to promote civil engineering to more people. Kalina also volunteers as a YOYP Ambassador and for ICE, IStructE and WISE. Which young Scot inspires you? All the amazing people that I've met through Young Scot inspire me through their volunteering and great sense of... Continue Reading →

Day 193- Catriona, 23, Carluke

Catriona completed her BMus Hons degree in Music at Edinburgh Napier University. During her time at uni, she completed two teaching modules which which gave her experience teaching pupils one-on-one and also work experience in a high school. Since graduating in 2016, Catriona has been teaching private lessons at a music school run by Napier... Continue Reading →

Day 192- Lilly, 16, Kirkcudbright

I am a 5th year student at Kirkcudbright Academy in Dumfries & Galloway. I work part-time at a local hotel in Gatehouse of Fleet, and I am also currently volunteering in a local primary school delivering a range of activities as part of a Community Volunteers programme. Which young Scot inspires you? My first reaction... Continue Reading →

Day 191- Callum, 12, Edinburgh

Which young Scot inspires you? The Young Scot that inspires me the most is "Grace Warnock". I heard about her on the news and I think her campaign for invisible disabilities is inspiring, moving and extremely influential on many young people's lives, both now and later in their lives. What is the best thing about... Continue Reading →

Day 190- Edith, 24, Fort William

Edith is a volunteer ranger at the Nevis Landscape Partnership for three months, and also doing her John Muir Award, based in the Glen Nevis area. Which young Scot inspires you? Zeki Basan is a young man that I admire. From a young age, he discovered, explore, and learn some amazing skills to live in,... Continue Reading →

Day 189- Lewis, 16, Aberdeen

Lewis currently volunteers to help the most vulnerable within his community and is also at school.   Which young Scot inspires you? I am inspired by my mentor David Forbes, who has supported me throughout my volunteering because what he has achieved in his life, running a voluntary charity and caring for his disabled mother.... Continue Reading →

Day 188- Holly, 12, Glasgow

Holly is part of the Pupil Council and coaches at local gyms. Which young Scot inspires you? A young person that inspires me is Zendaya as she always believes in herself and lifts everyone else around her up she cares about everyone else more than herself! She is amazing and kind and caring and she is... Continue Reading →

Day 187- Arron, 12, Kirkcaldy

Which young Scot inspires you? Brendan who works for the YMCA. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? Free education and the Scottish landmarks. What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people? Stop discriminating against young people. What is your biggest achievement to date? My biggest... Continue Reading →

Day 186- Martin, 19, Aberdeen

Martin is a Student of History and Politics at the University of Aberdeen. Martin also has a part-time job, and does volunteering as both Chair of Aberdeen City Youth Council and is a Year of Young People Ambassador! Which young Scot inspires you? There are so many to choose from! I would probably say that... Continue Reading →

Day 185- Hope, 14, Aberfeldy

Hope has just finished school and helps out at her local library for a few hours every week. Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scot that inspires me is my mum as she always works hard and takes every day as it comes. Katie piper also inspires me because of the awful thing she... Continue Reading →

Day 184- Rhys, 19, Bo’Ness

Rhys is a Year Of Young People 2018 Ambassador for Bo'ness and Blackness in the Constituency Area Ward 1 for Falkirk East. He has volunteered with CLD, Avenue Youth Programme for the last 6 years and has now left school and studies at Forth Valley College. Which young Scot inspires you? The Young Scot That... Continue Reading →

Day 183- Grace, 12, Prestonpans

Grace has designed and run a national campaign 'Grace's Sign' that has filtered into businesses across Scotland, from Parliament to Easter Road. Grace's Sign replaces the sign for accessible toilets to raise awareness for invisible disabilities such as Crohn's Disease, where the sufferer may require quick access to a accessible toilet. Grace is a YOYP 2018... Continue Reading →

Day 182- Jade, 19, Kirkcaldy

Jade is part of the Fife Gingerbread group and is at college. What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people? Don’t think all young people are the same. What is your biggest achievement to date? My biggest achievement was going to college. What would you most like to achieve... Continue Reading →

Day 181- Chloe, 18, Irvine

Chloe is currently sitting her last SQA exams as an S6 student and House Captain, before starting University this September. She is involved in a lot of local community work and volunteers as an ambassador for the Year of Young People 2018, a Member of Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) for the Cunninghame South constituency as... Continue Reading →

Day 180- Marissa, 17, Barrhead

Marissa is in Sixth Year of high school and is going to be a Youth Worker when i leave school. In her own words; My mum died when i was 10 and i had to move town and school which really affected my confidence as i started to make friends at school,guides and PACE my... Continue Reading →

Day 179- Cahal, 17, West Lothian

Cahal is in S6 studying Art, Drama, English and Photography, and he volunteers with the National Youth Arts Advisery Group and other Young Scot groups. Which young Scot inspires you? All of my fellow creatives constantly inspire me and it never ceases to amaze me what they do themselves or with others. What is the... Continue Reading →

Day 178- Abby, 17, Dundee

Abby is Head Girl at Harris Academy in Dundee and studies Advanced Highers in Chemistry, Biology and Music. As part of her Scottish Baccalaureate in Science qualification, Abby has been raising awareness of young sudden cardiac death (YSCD), actively encouraging Members of Parliament to sign the Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) MP pledge to... Continue Reading →

Day 177- Aimee, 17, Edinburgh

  Which young Scot inspires you? Nina Nesbitt inspires me because she is so talented and nice. What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland? There is always good food in Scotland! What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people? Everyone is different so don't be judgemental.... Continue Reading →

Day 176- Megan, 13, Glasgow

Every year in the summer Megan's town has a Gala day and she has been on the junior committee for many years which allows her to talk and help the citizens of the town. Megan would love to go to collage when she leaves school and do a photography course and she would love to... Continue Reading →

Day 175- Holly, 16, Glasgow

Holly is in 5th year at High School and is participating in the Career Ready programme. Which young Scot inspires you? The young scot who inspires me is Sean Lazzerini, Sean is a young Scottish boxer, he is a gold commonwealth champion, the British champion and will be going to the Australian gold coast to... Continue Reading →

Day 174- Chloe, 17, Falkirk

Chloe is a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Falkirk East, a Youth Champion for See Me and has recently joined Inclusion Scotland to make politics more accessible. Chloe is seeking employment before moving out for university (studying Psychology at Stirling University in September!). Which young Scot inspires you? The young Scot who inspires... Continue Reading →

Day 172- Emma, 14, Glasgow

Emma goes to Stonelaw High school, and am in S3. In school she is a member of the band, the clarinet ensemble, the choir, Scripture Union, and also the pupil council. During her free time Emma volunteers at Messy church where she helps with the activities for children, and she also helps at dancing to... Continue Reading →

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